Dry Powder Flavours

Dry Powder Flavours

Keliff's offers wide range of exotic Dry Powder Flavours.
These dry powder flavours serves the needs of various food items including Protein powders, dry savoury mixes, Bakery products ie. Biscuits, Breads , muffins, Cakes, instant food product mixes etc.
These flavours delights the needs of any food artisan/ chefs
These Dry Powder Flavours plays key role in Instant drink mixes like Tang , Rasna and other soft drinks.

Application areas:


Dry Powder Flavours:

Strawberry flavour
Kesar eliachi flavour
Blueberry flavour
Cummins flavour
Peppermint flavour
Strawberry flavour
Orange flavour
Mango flavour
American ice cream flavour
Chocolate flavour
Pineapple flavour
Lemon flavour
Milk flavour
Cardamom flavour
Banana flavour
Coconut flavour
Butterscotch flavour
Cola flavour
And many more..