Best Black Seed Oil, kalonji Oil

We are the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters of Kalonji oil in INDIA.

Kalonji seed oil is also known by various different names like Black seed oil, Black caraway oil, Black cumin seed oil, Black onion seed oil.

Pure Nigella sativa oil is another famous as well as the botanical name of this product.

Organic Black Cumin Oil benefits are taken by mankind from ancient times.


•   Helps in the treatment of high blood pressure & asthma.

•   Reduces high cholesterol.

•   May used to reduce the tissue-damaging effects of radiation that kills cancer              cells.

•   Helps in dissolving fats and dilation of veins and arteries.

•   Kalonji Oil Act as anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic medicine.

•   Improves your immunity and helps in fighting deadly viruses.

•   Relieves stress & hypertension.

•   Most of the doctors recommend our oil for hair growth.

    And many more….

In INDIA, Black Cumin Oil is also referred to as kalonji ka tel.


We at Keliff’s feel proud in announcing to be a prominent company as 100% Pure Organic Kalonji Oil Manufacturers in India.

100% satisfied customers are the reals assets the company has earned over the years.



We have been exporting our essential oils to many countries like U.S.A, France, Japan, Netherlands, and Germany Directly or indirectly through our distributors.

Keliff's has achieved the tag of most trusted Kalonji Oil Manufacturers in India.



What makes us different from other local Black Cumin Oil manufacturers is the BEST ORGANIC OIL EXTRACTION TECHNIQUES are used to produce Black Seed Oil.


Actives - Keliff's Kalonji Oil
Palmitic Acid 11 % -14 % 12.40
Palmitoleic Acid 0.05 % - 0.5 % 0.15
Stearic Acid 2 % -4 % 2.85
Oleic Acid 17 % - 26 % 21.00
Linoleic Acid 52 %- 67 % 62.30
Linolenic Acid 0.1 % - 1 % 0.25
Eicosadic Acid 0-3 % 0.85
Myristic acid 0-0.5% 0.20


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