Baking Powder Recipes

Click here to find out the recipe for tasty and easy homemade pancakes.

Kalonji Oil Benefits

There are various benefits of Keliff's Kalonji oil.

• For hair growth

• For skin treatment

• For various health diseases

• For weight loss

&  many more.


Cornflour Cookie Recipe

Get to know about the delicious cookie recipe made from  Keliff's Cornflour by easy methods in just 3 minutes.

Custard Powder Recipes

We live in a country where Keliff's Custard Powder is offered as a sweet dish after the meal. Click below for delicious recipes.

Cocoa Powder Recipes

Click here to get to know about the delicious hot chocolate recipe by Keliff's.



Immunity booster drinks are manufactured by Keliffs in India.

Here are some of the instant immunity booster drinks:

  1. Instant Ginger Drink
  2. Instant Turmeric Drink
  3. Instant Amla Drink