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It is also known as Bhut Jolokia Sauce en INDE. in FRANCE.Nous sommes les principaux fabricants, fournisseurs et exportateurs de sauce Bhut Jolokia en INDE.


Our hot sauce is a perfect balance of heat and taste. Customers looking for Super Fiery Bhut Jolokia Paste manufacturers in INDIA always end their search here.


Our product is of the highest quality compared to the alternatives available in the Indian market. It was created with our sole focus on providing a healthy and efficient product to the consumer. Our team of experts having more than 20 years of experience in the industry has formulated a unique and healthy product.


Best Bhut Jolokia Paste Manufacturers in India is another synonym for our company for reasons. Fresh and finest ingredients are selected from the various parts of the country to produce this product. Being equipped with the latest technology and modern machinery, we are capable of producing the finest product and packing it in a way to increase its shelf life.



Keliff's Bhut Jolokia Sauce can be used almost with all kinds of cuisines. Furthermore, it is prepared organically and with carefully designed processes to ensure healthy and tasty. Our product is free of any kind of chilli powder, spices, flavours etc. It is made up of fresh chillies selected from the various parts of India.



KELIFF'S Bhut Jolokia Paste is being majorly exported to many countries like the U.S.A, Canada, Indonesia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Nigeria, U.K, Austria, Singapore directly from the company or indirectly through channel partners.



Our brand or we do private labels too.

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  • GUMS
  • SALT


Keliff’s has a lot of reasons for being Best Bhut Jolokia PasteManufacturers and Exporters in India.



Three variants are there depending on the specific requirements of the recipes:

  1. Regular Hot
  2. With lime
  3. With Garlic
  4. With Tamarind

We are Govt. Registered Bhut Jolokia Sauce Manufacturers in India.

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